Nice To Meet You!

I created Her Invested Path as a Career and Money resource to help working women feel more empowered, happy with their job, and financially independent. 

The goal is to help you find a career you love while making sure the money you are making is helping you build real wealth. 




Building real wealth is empowering. Working at a job you love is empowering. I am here to help you embrace your power. On Her Invested Path, you can find quick tips, actionable advice, and free resources to make your next best money move.

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My background

I moved to the US in 2015 for my second Masters in Sports Management. My plan was to go back to India to open my own sports agency. But life had other plans. I met my now husband in 2016 and by end of 2016, I was married and unemployed. I decided to switch to Marketing and found a job that paid me $45,000. This isn’t less money but after a double Masters, including an MBA in Banking, I had expected to make more. Over the next few years I put my heart and soul into building a career in Marketing Technology. I current work for a really awesome company and make 3X that amount. As am immigrant, it was also really difficult to understand how investing worked and how I could get started. I became a money nerd and worked really hard to start budgeting, getting over a scarcity mindset, and investing money into my retirement and brokerage accounts. I now have over $100k invested and I am also currently preparing for the Certified Personal Finance Education INstructor exam to educate other women on financial literacy topics.

I am so glad you are here!


Core Values

These core values are at the heart of why Her Invested Path exists


Find a job you love


Start Investing


Find a side hustle