best side hustle ideas for women

11 Best Side Hustle Ideas For Women ( Make $1000+ Per Month)

If you are looking for the best side hustle ideas for women, you are in the right place. 

Side hustles provide one of the best ways to earn extra income alongside your main job or source of income. This income can go towards paying off debt or increasing your savings and investments. It helps you meet your financial goals faster while boosting your journey towards financial freedom.

Side hustles also offer you the opportunity to explore other passions without sacrificing a steady paycheck. Thus, while some side hustles just provide a way to earn extra income, some have the potential of growing in profitable full-time businesses or careers. 

There are thousands of side hustle ideas to choose from. We are sharing the 11 best side hustle ideas for women in this post: 


1. Start A Profitable Blog


A blog is essentially a personal website with informational content. You can start a blog on any area of interest such as photography, food, personal, finance, or travel.  Blogging is not an immediate income-producing opportunity. It takes time to start and earn from a blog.

Once you have a blog up and running, you need to monetize it to earn. Ways of monetizing your blog include leveraging affiliate marketing, advertisements, securing sponsorships, and selling your own products and services.

Profitable blogs have an earning potential of over $1000 per month. Consistently producing high-quality content that adds value to your readers or followers will translate into more traffic, lead generation, conversion, and money. 


2. Become A Proofreader


If you are detail-oriented and can quickly spot spelling and grammatical errors, then this is for you. Proofreaders are responsible for reviewing written articles, blog posts, books, or other written documents to check for and correct any errors. They polish written content for bloggers, content writers, websites, and more. 

If you love reading and have a good command of spelling and grammar, this is an excellent side hustle. It is a flexible way to make extra income and can easily fit into your schedule. You can turn proofreading into a full-time business, then hire people to do the proofreading while you focus on finding clients.  


3. Teach English Online


English is quickly becoming the official go-to business language worldwide.

Thus, teaching English online is one of the most in-demand services right now. Suppose you are a teacher, college graduate, or are fluent in English. In that case, you can get paid to teach English as a second language to both children and adults overseas. 

You can schedule lessons around your regular working hours, more so at night in the comfort of your home.

To start, you need Wifi, a computer with a good camera and mic,  some technical computer skills, and good lighting. Sites you can look for teaching opportunities include VIPKid and gogoKid.


4. Become A Freelance Writer


You don’t need any professional skills to start. As long as you have a passion for writing, you are good to go.

Ways to earn money as a freelance writer include: content writing, ghostwriting, copywriting, grant writing, business writing, and technical writing.

Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr provide an online platform that connects freelancers to opportunities. Even as a brand new writer, you can make $20 or more for an hour of writing. Work 50 hours a month, and you can easily make $1000 a month.

5. Become A Virtual Assistant


A virtual assistant is one of the most in-demand and profitable side hustles in the digital economy.

They help business owners run their businesses remotely. A virtual assistant generally handles all the non-core activities leaving the business owner to focus on core activities. These activities include email management, billing, customer support, social media accounts management, and scheduling. 

Good virtual assistants have excellent time management skills, are highly organized, and have superb communication skills.


6. Start A Digital Marketing Agency


Companies are increasingly allocating more of their marketing and advertising budgets into hiring digital marketing agencies because they are cost-effective and have impressive returns.

Digital marketing agencies help businesses reach customers online through various online channels such as websites, blogs, emails, social media, Youtube, and more. 

Services provided by digital marketing agencies include SEO, PPC, email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and advertising, video marketing.


7. Sell Handmade Products on Etsy


If you have a creative streak with the skills to craft things you can sell online, then this is a side hustle to consider. The potential to sell your creations is limitless, from creating stationery and printables to unique gifts, household items, or clothing. 

To be successful on Etsy, take good photos of your items and write clear descriptions. Also,  include keywords for search engine optimization, and do some research to ensure your products are marketable.


8. Sell Graphic Designing Services


Graphic design is one of the highest-paying side hustles, more so in the wake of the global pandemic.

With most businesses refocusing their marketing efforts on websites and social media, graphic design services are in high demand. 

Small businesses and start-up owners are turning to freelance graphic designers for these services because they are affordable.

Start your freelance graphic design side hustle and get to work with different clients on different projects on your own time and your terms.


9. Write An Ebook


You can make money from writing, publishing, and selling ebooks. With Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, it is easy to self-publish ebooks. Once you publish, you can start making money by selling your ebooks on Amazon. Romance is the most popular genre, but you can write about your area of interest and see how it goes.


10. Become A Mystery Shopper

Do you enjoy retail shopping?

Many companies hire mystery shoppers to test their customer service or whether all their stores or franchises follow set guidelines.

In the past, mystery shoppers needed to travel to different places or locations to get the job done.

Currently, you can do your mystery shopping online at the comfort of your house. Some apps to check out to get started include Field Agent and Secret Shopper.


11. Take Online Surveys


Ever feel like just staying in bed while earning money? Well, you can make this happen through online surveys.

Taking surveys is the easiest way to make money online. As long as you are willing to share your opinion, you can make money answering general questions.

Making money through online surveys hinges on choosing the best survey sites. Top online survey companies include Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and InboxDollars.



Final thoughts


If you want to start a successful side hustle, it is important to do some research to determine the best fit for you.

For every idea, consider the earning potential, flexibility in scheduling, and the growth potential

There is no proven strategy to earn you tons of money overnight. Once you find the perfect fit, be persistent, consistent, and dedicated, to nurture and grow it. 

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