Best Stock Research Websites For Beginners

Not all of us have the knowledge or experience about picking the best stocks when it comes to investing. So, if you find yourself in a wormhole of personal finance and would like to know the more about the best stock research websites for beginners, you are in the right place.

When trying to understand a large subject area such as personal finance it is often better break it down into smaller more sizable areas then rebuild to have a full understanding. 

Let’s start with the basics.

What is A Stock?

A stock is a represents an ownership of a fraction of a company. These stocks are bought and sold on public stock exchanges. Notable stock exchanges include the New York Stock exchange. For the retail investor stock trades can be made of a wide selection of apps so you can manage your portfolio from the comfort of your own home.

Certain stocks will give you a dividend, this is a payment from the company for simply owning the stock. These dividends can be paid monthly, annually, or quarterly depending on the company in question.  

So now that you understand what a stock is, why should you own them and invest in the market. 

The answer to this question is exciting, in current times when interest rates are at an all-time low sticking your cash in a typical savings account won’t provide you a massive return as it once did.

However, in the stock market the amount you make in return on your investments is endless.

S&P 500


If you bought an S&P 500 ETF, this a stock of the S&P 500 index which is a list of the top performing 500 companies in the United States of America. The average return of the S&P 500 is 9%, this is not guaranteed as the value of investments can go up as well as down each year and should not be taken for granted. For this example, we will take $10,000 and invest it in the S&P for 20 years which is a reasonable amount of time to invest your money in an index fund to expect a certain return.

Over the course of the 20-year period interest will be calculated every quarter. After the 20 years the total amount will be $59,301.45 with an added interest of $49,309.45.

As you can investing is more lucrative currently than savings however it should always be noted that this 9% is not a guarantee and the value of investments can go down as well as up.

Now let’s just say instead of owning the whole market like buying the S&P 500 you wanted to own individual stocks, these are some crucial criteria you’ll need to know what to look out for.

The P/E ratio of the company:  P/E ratio stands for price to earnings, this ratio will be able to tell you if you are getting a good deal in terms of value for the stock.

Further from this you will also want to think about the possible growth potential of the stock. For this you need to look at proposals and future planning, this will allow you to see if the stock has growth potential. 

A third piece of basic research is the company’s balance sheet, this is good to make sure you are purchasing stock that has a solid base and isn’t going to collapse due to heavy debts. Ensure when looking on a balance sheet that the company has consistent and good cashflow and no negative news stories about downsizing or selling assets are flagged this should be seen as a red flag.

A skeptical piece of advice is listening to experts (But always with a pinch of salt). Experts can be great to learn from but never take any of your investing advice from one source and always use multiple sources

Here some of the best websites for researching stocks:

1. Motley Fool

This website has great tips of how to get started in investing as well as free investing reports. The Motley Fool also allows you to compare online brokerages which can be extremely useful when starting out as this can ensures you get a brokerage with the lowest fees. They also provide a large range of news on stocks and the market overview which can be extremely handy in doing personal research. 

2. WallStreetZen

This website (app is also available) is very user friendly and easy to use when researching stocks within the US stock exchanges. The website provides a brief overview of the stock you are looking for as well as their own custom Zen Score, this Zen score checks the stock on five fundamental levels (valuation, Financials, Forecast, Performance, Dividend) it also provides reasons for each score. WallStreetZen also provides the latest news on a certain stock and a price to earnings evaluation. The website also gives a fantastic evaluation of financials and cashflow.  

3. Wall Street Journal

This website provides in depth analysis of what is going on in the market in general and in-depth articles on individual companies. The website offers live update of the markets and prices; however, it must be said that to get the most out of the Wall Street Journal you must pay.

4. Yahoo Finance 

Yahoo Finance provides you with a central hub of information from all different news outlet on market news. You can find all latest market prices as well as individual industry news. For Individual stocks it provides a numbers heavy information on the stock as well any related news story.

5. Stock Rover

Stock Rover provides five main features with their website; they offer a free and paid plans so note this is behind a paywall. The platform offers the screening of stocks which allows you to find stocks first as well as ranked stocks for you to buy. They also offer a comparison service so you can compare individual stocks these comparisons include fair values and margin of safety. Stock Rover also proves a deep dive research reports which provides everything you need to want to know on a single stock. You can also link your own personal portfolio to the planform and get updated performance metrics and charting. 

6. Google Finance

Google Finance is much like Yahoo Finance where it provides top market news on the overall market as well as any stocks which you may have within your watchlist. You can also search for individual stocks on the platform, when searching for individual stocks it provides the live numbers for the stock as well as typical market numbers like market cap, as well as this Google Finance shows any related news of the stock and a numbers heavy financial analysis. 

7. Morningstar 

Morningstar market related news as well as insights into individual stocks funds and trusts. When searching for individual stocks Morningstar provides live updates on stock prices as well as their own opinion on the stock which can be useful when doing your own research. They provide in-depth detailed research on the financial strength which can be extremely important in your decision making as well as the numbers behind the companies’ financials.

8. Zack Investments Research 

Zacks Investment Research provides information on stocks to buy on a certain day, it also says its bull stocks and bear stocks which can be useful for people who need information quickly and without the need to analyze the information. They also provide earnings analysis and video commentary. 

9. Trade Ideas 

This platform uses Artificial intelligence to ensure you have the most streamlined investing strategies. They are also a brokerage which allows you to trade through their platform. They also have up to date news as well as top ranked stocks. This platform is geared towards professional traders. 

10. Benzinga Pro 

Benzinga Pro is a paywall platform. This platform will give you up to date alerts on specific stocks and the market calendar for earnings or dividends. . They also have an up-to-date news feed and a market scanner. 


Investing within the markets and buying stocks should be seen as a long-term hold game for the average investor. Allow your portfolio to build over decades to understand the true potential of investing. Always remember that the value of your investments may go up as well as down. 

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