things to do if you feel broke

7 Things To Do If You Feel Broke All The Time

I used to feel broke all the time, in spite of having a near 6 figure job, and zero debt.

I was spending most of my money trying to make my business work. The truth was, I had all the knowledge and skills I needed, I just didn’t have the right mindset.


It was not until I realized that it was just a feeling, it was in my head, and I had the power to make changes, starting today, that I really started seeing a transformation.

I am sharing my best tips with you that I hope will help you gain clarity and work towards a more abundant life.


1. Take Responsibility


Okay, first things first.

Even if your situation is not caused by something you did, it doesn’t matter, your life is your responsibility.

There is so much freedom in accepting responsibility for whatever happens to you in life. Because then you know that you are not dependent on anyone, and YOU can take control and change the situation.

It is freeing to know that you have the power.

So the first step is to take complete responsibility and take action from a place of self-love instead of guilt or regret.


2. Identify what thoughts or actions trigger negative money beliefs 


If you take away one thing from this post, let it be this: 

Awareness is the greatest form of clarity.

If you start becoming really aware of what’s going on in your mind, it becomes really easy to change those thoughts.

Here’s a two step process:

  1. Become aware of the thoughts or actions that trigger anxiety, stress or negative emotions
  2. Intentionally switch those negative thoughts with positive ones. Even if you don’t believe those positive thoughts at first, that’s okay. Just saying them out loud will signal your brain to switch.


3. Track your daily income and expenses


This is probably the most uncomfortable thing you will go through, in your journey from feeling broke to feeling abundant, but it undoubtedly also the most freeing.

I still remember the day I sat down on my kitchen table, with a glass of wine, and created a spreadsheet to track my entire month’s expenses in one go.

It was ugly, but it turned out the situation was not bad as I thought it was.

That’s how it is most times, not as bad as you might make it to be in your head.


Knowledge is power, and having total clarity about your expenses can give you so much power and freedom, I wish I had gone through this process sooner.


4. Make a note of at least 5 low cost things you could do that make you feel wealthy


Most times we tend to believe that in order to feel wealthy, we have to pay off our debt, buy a house or indulge in expensive things.

The truth is, being wealthy is a feeling. And even small low-cost things that make you happy can make you feel wealthy.

Here are some things that make me feel wealthy:

  1. Getting a facial and massage
  2. Investing, even if it is $50
  3. Putting on some makeup
  4. Donating money for the cause I believe in ( Girl education in India)
  5. Sending surprise gifts to my sister

Make your own list and try to do at least one of those things every month.


5. Create a plan


The only way to stay consistent with not feeling broke is to have a plan.

For example, every time I feel broke, I make a list of at least 5 things I am grateful for.

This helps flip the switch and by the time I am done, I kind of forget why I was feeling broke.

I go through my finances every week because this means I am on top of my money spending and can push pause in case I am going over budget.

Being aware of my money also gives me a feeling of power and clarity which helps me feel abundant.

I call these my “power moves”.

Create a list of 2-3 “power moves” that you can fall back on every time you start feeling anxious about money.


6. Work towards creating an abundance mindset


There are 3 ways to work towards an abundance mindset  that have really helped me in the past:


  1. Creating a gratitude list every day. This not only helps you start the day on the right note, but also helps put things in perspective and makes you grateful for the things you would generally take for granted.
  2. Visualizing your ideal day and life. Visualization is one of the most transformative exercises that I have read and learned about. It not only helps you gain clarity around what you truly want in life, but also helps you meditate while focusing on your ideal life. 

This is the truth behind the phrase, “Thoughts become Things”.

  1. Journaling can help you brain dump and convert your thoughts to words. I have always had some resistance against journaling, but every time I do it, it feels transformational. I share more on how journaling has helped me in this post by Becky Mollenkamp, my former mindset coach.


7. Take small steps to cut unnecessary expenses


Tracking you daily income and expenses for a month will really give you an insight into the unnecessary expenses that are not serving you anymore.

Trying to cut down on everything all at once is an uphill better, so the best way is to take small steps in cutting down expenses, one at a time.

The way I like to do it is, I create a challenge for myself and work towards it.

For example, if I took at my expenses and the one thing that’s really been bothering me is the money I have spending on eating out, I will challenge myself to reduce that one expense into half, by either meal planning, or cooking more during the week.

I would also set a hard budget, something like I can’t go over $20 in outside food expenses during the week.

It might sound like I am stopping myself from enjoying my life, but I have come to realize that by challenging myself, and living up to it, I feel more in control of my money and the way I spend it.

In my list, eating outside is not something I love and can’t do without, since first, I love home cooked food, and second, I like to still eat a healthy diet during the week. Healthy food is more expensive!

So, I am okay with cutting on eating outside rather than something else, like, for example, taking an online class.

I hope this post gave you some ideas to feel better around money.

Do you have any inputs on these ideas? I’d love to know in the comments below.

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