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How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job in 2022

Linkedin is a great place to find a job in 2022. Having switched jobs multiple times over the past few years, I have seen firsthand, the benefits of optimizing my Linkedin profile and using the platform for networking and connecting with others who are in roles that I would like to be in.

In this post, I want to talk about the different Linkedin features that you can use and optimize to help you find your dream job.


Linkedin Profile

Your Linkedin profile is the first thing that a recruiter sees when they visit your profile. There are different parts of your Linkedin profile that you can optimize to give a great first impression.

1. Headshot

Your headshot is the first thing people will see when they visit your profile, so it’s best to try to use a professional image for your headshot to give the right first impression. Make sure that you use the highest resolution image possible so it looks good and does not come across as unprofessional.

2. Headline

Your headline is also of the first few things people see, before even clicking on your profile. The headline will appear in search results and so saying ” actively looking for a job” in your headline is not the best thing to do.

I find looking for keywords in your industry makes it easier to find suitable headlines. 

Recruiters are more likely to find you if they have some idea of what they’re looking for as soon as they see your headline & image rather than reading through everything on your Linkedin profile.

Keywords should be present throughout your Linkedin profile but are especially important in these early stages where recruiters need an indication of who you are and what you do.

linkedin profile

3. Summary

The summary on your Linkedin profile is a great place to write a result-based brief of your work. Treat this section as a summary of your career.

In this section, you can include how many people you have managed in an ideal team, some big projects you worked on, your skills, and the value you have created. All numbers should be representative of your past work and not aspirational. 

There are many ways to optimize your Linkedin profile for recruiters but optimizing the short-form summary is one of the easiest ways to find a job on Linkedin.

This article from Alison Doyle does a great job at listing out 3 tips for maximizing this section.

linkedin summary

4. Work Experience

Add your work experience in reverse chronological order, talking about your most result experience first. Having bullet points works well, and make sure your work experience description is action-driven. For example, instead of saying ” Worked as a manager”, you would want to say, ” Managed a team of 10″.


Add additional information

  1. Add all skills

Under add section, make sure you add all your skills. These skills word as keywords, and you are more likely to come up in search results if you use keywords relevant to the job you are looking for.


2. Add volunteer experience

Some employers would love to see volunteer experience on your profile. Make sure to add relevant experience to this section.

3. Add Certifications or Projects

It is always good to add certifications you have successfully completed to your profile. A lot of roles, especially tech roles need some certifications nad this is a great way to stand out from competitors. If you worked on some big projects either as part of your past roles, or outside of work, make sure to add those in the projects section.

linkedin profile section

Take advantage of Easy Apply

I think Easy Apply is the most underrated way to apply for jobs on Linkedin.

What makes Easy Apply great is that employers have no control over what information you submit as part of your application. All they see is your resume, which means you won’t get instantly rejected because of something silly like a typo or an inappropriate email address.

This is especially useful in roles where companies want a lot of applicants, but don’t actually plan to do phone screens with all people applying (for example, Google Product Manager roles).

linkedin easy apply


Use the Open to work feature

Make sure to use the open to work feature and add relevant skills so you show up on search results for recruiters.

linkedin open to work

Send a personalized message to recruiters

Once you have applied for a job, make sure to send a personalized message to the recruiter. This not only helps you stand out from other applicants but also demonstrates your proactiveness and that you are really interested in the job.


Create a job alert

Creating a job alert for a specific location or a specific keyword is a great way to receive alerts from Linkedin so that you can go ahead and start applying to those jobs.

When I was job searching, I had a job alert set up for relevant jobs, and every evening I would go through the job alert results and apply to jobs that looked relevant to me. This helped me reduce the time needed to look for jobs on Linkedin. 

linkedin job alert


Start Networking

There’s no other way to put it, but networking on Linkedin is one of the best ways of finding a job. You can network with people who are in similar roles as you, or you can find alumni from your university who are working at a company you are interested in. Network with them to understand the company culture, and while you are at it, ask them for a referral. Networking is all about helping each other, so make sure you reciprocate the favor.

I find that Linkedin is a great way of maintaining contact with people I work with as well. I find it easier to maintain a professional relationship this way than keeping in touch through email or messaging on Facebook.

To sum it up

The best tip I have ever received from someone looking for a job was: “make sure your profile is optimized so recruiters can find you.” The first line of the description in your profile should contain your role title. This will help them find you when they search their database for candidates using specific terms. Make sure your profile has no spelling errors or grammatical mistakes.


Earlier last year, I landed 3 6-figure job offers, all from Linkedin so don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you that you can’t find a job on Linkedin.

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